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One week in Jakarta

Although my first tour for State is a one-year domestic assignment, I got the chance to take a week TDY to Indonesia earlier this month.  For a trip that takes over 30 hours each way, one week seemed like a short time to be in country. But the trip went well, and I was able to accomplish what I set out to do.

Although most of my time was spent indoors in various meetings, I enjoyed being back in Asia.  When I was a kid, I lived in Malaysia and visited Indonesia, so many of the sights and sounds were familiar.  I never learned Bahasa as a kid, but some of the key words (chicken, rice, hello and thank you) came back to me.

I know I’m stating the obvious, but Jakarta is a major, major city. Traffic is crazy, but you can see that the city is trying to do what it can. Crosswalks, bus-only lanes, lanes where motorcycles aren’t allowed, and toll-roads certainly help bring some method to the madness that is rush hour. They have shopping malls like you wouldn’t believe, every type of restaurant imaginable, and a perpetual white haze hanging over the city.  You’d have to be a city person to like Jakarta. But I am. And I do. I’d be thrilled if we ended up being posted there some day.

Here are a few photos of food (of course).

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  1. I love that these are mostly food. 🙂 My kind of work trip!

    May 21, 2012

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