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Easter in NYC: Part 2 – Brooklyn

Day two of our New York rendezvous was spent in Brooklyn.  We always make it a point of hanging out in Brooklyn when we go to NYC, and this time we stayed at a small hotel near the Park Slope neighborhood.  Manhattan is obviously great, but I like to think that if I lived in New York I’d live in Brooklyn. Not that we could afford anything in Manhattan anyway, but Brooklyn seems to have more of a neighborhood feel – and you don’t need to have a designer bag on you at all times.

Fort Greene – We visited the Ft. Greene Flea Market and wandered around the stalls displaying a mix of vintage treasures, handcrafted shirts and tea towels, and plain old junk.  We also wandered down to Ft. Green Park where we could see the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) being constructed in the distance across the river.  For lunch we went back to the Flea Market and I had a killer lobster roll and some deep fried fresh sardines.

Williamsburg – Although we’re not quite hip enough to hang out there for two long, we spent most of the afternoon in Williamsburg. There are all sorts of great shops along Bedford Avenue and other side streets.  I know a lot of people come to New York to shop, but shopping on 5th Avenue in Manhattan is way too stressful for me. I much prefer poking in little shops and boutiques. We also spent some time sitting in McCarren Park doing some people watching.

Park Slope – Back in Park Slope we really enjoyed two restaurants during our weekend. First, the Brookvin wine bar was the perfect romantic spot to share a bottle, relax, and make plans for the next day (and the next time we would see each other). We also had dinner one night at Juventino, which was exactly the kind of meal I was hoping for – delicious, something I wouldn’t ever make at home, and with an ambiance that makes you want to linger.

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  1. Aunt Nancy #

    How wonderful for both of you now, and such sweet memories for you someday.

    April 25, 2012

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