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Picking Presidents

For a lot of people, this was just a regular Sunday. But for some, November 6 was a day that had been circled on the calendar for a long time. Nicaragua had its presidential and legislative elections today, and Guatemala had the second round of presidential elections. For context of the Nicaraguan elections, check out this op-ed¬†written by the former Ambassador to Nicaragua, Robert Callahan. Ambassador Callahan isn’t afraid to tell it like he sees it. He recently retired and I only hope I’ll be so lucky as to work for an Ambassador like him again.

It was also a day anticipated by a group of new Foreign Service Officers who begin A-100 tomorrow! Our class hosted a happy hour this afternoon which gave many members of the 164th class the first chance to meet each other and officially kick off their experience as FSOs. I’m sure they are more excited about their official first day tomorrow, but it was fun to meet members of the new class. I even met two tandems.

And finally, keeping with the theme of the last post, I wanted to put up another photo of a mural a few steps from the last one. This mural is painted on the side of Mama Ayesha’s restaurant on Calvert Street. It has all the Presidents since Eisenhower, with Mama Ayesha herself, the restaurant’s original owner, in the middle. So the question is, will the mural have to add another person in 2012? Or will it remain as is for four more years? I guess we’ll find out almost exactly one year from today. Circle your calendars.

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  1. Dave Wilcox #

    Another beautiful mural. We give permission to artists to distort reality to tell a story. The mural’s story: ‘we’ve been here all this time’. The distortion: President Obama was not even born when Eisenhower died so the combination is impossible. Reminds me of a cartographer’s comment that every map contains some distortion, but still has a message. Glad you’re enjoying D.C.!

    November 7, 2011

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