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Walter Pierce Park

Mural at Walter Pierce Park

As much as I loved living on Capitol Hill for seven years before moving to Nicaragua, I wanted to experience a new part of town when I moved back to DC. Now I live in the general area of Cleveland Park/Woodley Park/Adams Morgan/Kalorama/Columbia Heights (I don’t want to be too specific on this blog!) and I’m enjoying exploring my new neighborhood. In the next couple of posts I’ll put up some murals and street art that I’ve seen around the area. First up, a mural in Walter Pierce Park – a park with a field, basketball court, and fenced dog area hidden behind the Duke Ellington Bridge.

Click on the photo to expand to see the mural better detail. This is four photos stitched together.

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  1. Rebecca #

    Beautiful! You’ve made me notice all the murals around SF – there’s a gorgeous one almost directly across the street from me!

    November 8, 2011

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