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Small World about to get Smaller

A few months ago when we all received our job offers to join State, the possibilities seemed wide open. Where would we end up for our first tour? Turkey?  Tanzania? Thailand? Trinidad and Tobago? Tajikistan? The North Pole?

Then during the first week of A-100 our class got the bid list and our world narrowed. Only two of those places I mentioned were on the list (no, I’m not telling which ones but you can probably eliminate one yourself). So now everything is on hold. We have more of an idea about where we will all end up, but it’s still impossible to plan anything until each of us knows which post is ours.

On Friday, our world will narrow even more – down to one. Friday is Flag Day. The day we all find out our first assignment. I probably won’t post before then, so check back here next Saturday for the results.

Until then, enjoy this amazing video that will make you want to eat your way around the world.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

There are two more videos in this series: MOVE and LEARN

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  1. Rebecca #

    Love the video, and can’t wait to hear about Friday! Crossing fingers for you…

    August 16, 2011

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