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Summer means goodbye

It’s summer time. School ends and it seems like half of the Embassy clears out. Some of them are only leaving temporarily – either taking R&R or delayed home leave. The other half are saying real goodbyes. The kind of goodbyes that I guess you get used to but never comfortable with. Then the new crew arrives.

A year ago this worked in our favor. We were arriving at post in August along with several new families, singles and young couples. People were looking for friends so before we knew it we were invited to dinner and weekend beach trips. But now that we’re approaching being here for a year, it’s sad to see people go that personally, we’ve become friends with or professionally, have come to rely on.

And now I’m included in the group that’s leaving. At least I have a realistic hope of being back to visit in the next year because my husband will stay to finish his first tour. But I still have to say some goodbyes that I’m not looking forward to.

Is it harder to be the one going or the one left behind?

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  1. Norma Ferguson #

    Boy, it will be tough to be away from L that long. I imagine you’ll be busy in DC. But if you ever want to get away and since you’ll be so much closer to us, do you think you could find time to come to the cottage fand relax for a few days?

    June 11, 2011
    • stmemory #

      That sounds wonderful! I won’t have my schedule until I actually arrive in DC for training, but I’d love to escape for a few days and visit you guys at the cottage. I’ve heard so much about it but never made it up there. When I know my plans a bit more I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks again!

      June 11, 2011

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