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Rio San Juan: Part 2

And now back to your regular programming…

The Rio San Juan forms part of the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It’s been in the news lately because there has been a dispute between the two countries on a small section of the river. Even Google got drug into the debate because Google Maps and Google Earth had slightly different interpretations of where the border fell. The issue has died down somewhat after the International Court of Justice issued a decision in March – which both countries claimed was an endorsement of their side of the story.

We visited the Rio San Juan over the Easter break. For Part 1 of our trip, click here. We stayed at the Monte Cristo River Lodge, which I definitely recommend if you ever find yourself in this remote corner of the world. It felt like an idyllic summer camp: canoeing, kayaking and horseback riding were all included in the price. Many people go to the lodge for the fishing, especially tarpon fishing, and birding. The food was great and the fresh fruit juice at every meal was an added bonus.

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Our big adventure of the trip was kayaking down the river for about two hours to El Castillo, an old fort the Spanish built to protect themselves from the English pirates.

Did you know that Mark Twain traveled up the Rio San Juan in 1866 on a steamboat?  Check out this article for more details.

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