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Tortilla maker smile

We’ve been doing a lot of traveling the last few weekends, and I’ve got a slew of pictures to share. But tonight I wanted to post an older photo I came across taken by my dad during my parents visit over Christmas. This tortilla maker works in Huembes Market – the go-to market for fruit, vegetables, piñatas, handicrafts, and really anything else you could possibly want. I love her bright smile. I can’t tell if she’s embarrassed by the camera or loving every minute of the attention.

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  1. Nomads By Nature #

    This is a fantastic photo and she does have a fabulous smile! I hope you can print her off a copy of this photo. I think it would make her smile even bigger if possible!

    March 31, 2011
    • stmemory #

      Great idea! I’m sure she wouldn’t be hard to find again. All the tortilla makers are located in one section of the market. You’re right, I think she’d love a copy.

      April 1, 2011
      • Nomads By Nature #

        Maybe even two or three copies. It is such a great photo. One to keep and keep nice and one to show or give to family! I really do love this photo. Well done!

        April 6, 2011

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