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Break Out the Pantsuit

This was a stimulating week all around.

First off, my previous post was unexpectedly included in Freshly Pressed on  Suddenly, the number of people who checked out this blog and left comments multiplied by about 1000%.  It was fun to hear examples of other hot/cold ideas in food, and to learn a bit about traditions, superstitions, and wisdom passed down around the world.  People commented about China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, India and other places.  Thanks everyone!

But the main excitement of the week was that I started a new job.  I’m working with USAID here in Managua.  I haven’t mentioned the job on this blog because I didn’t know if and when it would all work out.  I was crossing my fingers because it’s in the field I’ve been working for the last 5 years and was one of the few non-entry-level jobs that I’ve seen advertised in the Embassy.  Even entry-level jobs here can be competitive because many spouses want to work and most Embassy jobs require a professional level of Spanish.  Thankfully it worked out and I feel fortunate to be in a job that is both challenging and familiar from day one.

I had been doing long-distance consulting work (usually in shorts and a t-shirt), so it feels nice to be back in an office with co-workers, and yes, wearing heels and a pantsuit.

And finally, because everything is more fun with a photo, here are some pics of a rosebush out back.  I’m fascinated with the pinky-red petals with the painted-on white accents.  Who knew we would have such pretty roses in tropical Nicaragua!

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  1. Congrats on the job! I can’t wait to hear more about what you’re doing for USAID, if you can say.

    January 9, 2011
  2. We have some roses like that in our backyard, but in purple.

    January 9, 2011
  3. Rebecca #

    Wow! That’s awesome re: the blog! And the job, of course, which I can’t wait to hear about! Will email re: phone date.

    January 10, 2011

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