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First Fruits

Literally.  Our yard produced its first fruits yesterday. Two pretty papayas.  And it’s about time – we’ve had a ton of green papayas for months.  If you are an avid reader of this blog, you might recall that we had a large papaya when we moved in.  But it got so big that it caused the whole tree to snap in half before it even got ripe.  We lost four green papayas on that sad, sad day.

Enter our wonderful gardener Don Diego.  (FYI – “Don” is a term of respect. His name isn’t actually Don.)  Don D has gone to great lengths to ensure we didn’t lose another papaya tree.  He rigged a support system for the tree carrying the most weight.  Here he is displaying the fruits (again, literally) of his labor.

After you pluck a papaya, apparently you are supposed to make tiny slits in the skin so that the “milk” seeps out. According to Don D, if the papaya isn’t milked and let sit for a bit, it will taste bitter and won’t be as sweet.  So here is Don D milking a papaya.

We gave one papaya to Don D and at first, he seemed a bit concerned.  He thought I was giving him the big papaya as part of his weekly earnings and asked me how much I was going to deduct!  But when I explained that the papaya was just a gift on top of his salary, he was a happy man.  The other one we saved for ourselves.

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  1. eve #

    wow. what a great bonus to have such an amazing bounty in your own back yard. and, um… I don’t think I’d mind working for papaya if you guys are hiring.

    December 12, 2010
  2. bfiles #

    wow! they are enormous! how nice that you were able to share them.

    December 13, 2010
  3. those papayas look amazing! planning to eat it fresh and plain, juice it, or chop and toss in a salad?

    January 6, 2011
    • stmemory #

      I hadn’t even thought of putting them in a salad! We mostly just chop them up and eat them with some lime juice.

      January 6, 2011

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