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Destination Birthday

I’ve never participated in a destination birthday before.  But 30 is a big deal, and one of my favorite friends is turning it.  So what better place to celebrate than at a timeshare condo in Pompano Beach, Florida?  Nowhere. The answer to that question is nowhere.

Managua and Miami are only separated by a 2 and ½ hour flight, so the fact that I live in another country right now is not an excuse.

We will never know who the shuffleboard champion of the group was.  We were just too busy brunching and bathing, I guess.

After only three months away, I was surprised by how the supermarket already seemed slightly overwhelming.  I stocked up on hard-to-come-by things like vanilla extract and canned pumpkin for pumpkin bread.

I think I talked everyone’s ears off about Nicaragua.  Thankfully they humored me and listened to my stories.  I got to catch up on DC gossip, new jobs and new housemates.

Even though I’m not working full-time, it felt like a mini vacation.  Back to life in Nicaragua.  It’s funny how much this already feels like home.

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  1. Rebecca #

    Love it! So glad you girls had a good time. The photos, as always, are gorgeous – that umbrella in particular. Awesome.

    November 14, 2010

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