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Drive-through fruit

There are so many things I want to write about to give family and friends an idea of what life is like here. The insanity of driving, the daily afternoon rain storms, the juxtaposition of mansions and mangy dogs, the absurdity that streets have no names, and the added absurdity that the address system actually works.

I could write for hours about this, and probably will at some point now that I have a bit more free time on my hands. But to the extent I can, I want to document it in photos too.

I finally took my new camera out of the barbed wire confines of our house and stopped by the nearest fruit stand with our maid, M. She asked the vendor if we could take photos and tried to determine which was the best pineapple as I snapped photos of all the fruit. We were quite a team. I’m excited about future joint photo shoots. And for fresh pineapple.

On the short drive from the main highway to our house, we pass at least three little fruit stands, spaced out every so often, and another three little pulperias (small corner shops) that also sell fruit. Some are easier to buy from if you are traveling on foot since there’s no good place to stop a car without causing a backup…although that doesn’t seem to bother some people.

Some of you already know that the bright pink artichoke looking thing is dragon fruit, or pitahaya as it’s called here. My plan is to make pitahaya popsicles. Stay tuned.


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