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Primrose and Papaya

Welcome to our back yard. I’d like to call this the “before” post since we intend to clean things up a bit and maybe make some improvements.  Apparently, the previous tenant’s wife headed back to the States early and she was the one who took a special interest in the yard. I think the yard declined a bit after she left.

The back yard is one of my favorite places of the house. We have a large terrace that looks out to a small yard with plants spaced along the back and side walls.  I hope to add a few things while we’re here. In the meantime, let me introduce you to the main features of our yard.

First, the yard has several papaya trees. I’m not a huge fan of papaya, but I know a lot of people are, so I’m excited to give these away – either to people that work around the house or other friends.  In fact, there is one papaya that isn’t too far from being ready.

Next, we have a series of rose bushes, some healthier than others. It looks like a hungry insect has been munching on many of them. I’m told it’s due to some kind of yellow ant called a Zompopo. We’ll have to take care of that.

Although I’m more of a city-girl, I think I can identify two lime tree bushes, although I don’t see any limes yet. Also, there is an interesting plant that looks like an iris on top, with a banana tree bottom. I’ve already forgotten what it’s called.

Finally, we’ve got two other plants that look like they’re from a Dr. Seuss book. The first one has oversized pink bell-shaped flowers the hummingbirds like. The second one I will refer to as the Muppet-bush, because it has red furry fingers growing all over.

So that’s our yard, pre-gardener. I’ll fill you in on the progress as we go along. My plan is also to try to grow some herbs in pots, if possible. I’d also love to make it a spot where birds like to visit. So far I’ve seen quite a variety of birds in our little yard, including two spottings of what I think is a quetzal bird with a brilliant green body and long fancy tail. No wonder Guatemala has named their currency after this bird – it really is beautiful.

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  1. how beautiful! Would love to see the rest of the space! Is there a table/room for one? Looks gorgeous, I bet you didn’t envision roses & fruit trees waiting for you when you were thinking about your future home!

    August 23, 2010
    • stmemory #

      The terrace has a table with 6 chairs around it, which is great. And there is plenty of room left over for a ping pong table! We’ve started scanning the classifieds for a mesa de ping pong already.

      August 24, 2010
  2. eve #

    What a great little welcome, flowers and fruit in the backyard! I think your muppet bush is a chenille and the other is an angel trumpet. Incredibly beautiful. Hope your home is as lovely.

    August 23, 2010
    • stmemory #

      Thanks! Chenille sounds much more sophisticated than a muppet bush!

      August 24, 2010

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