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Long weekend links

Hi folks. It’s been a while. I guess the last several days have slipped by. My to-do list seems to be multiplying into various lists. Let me point you to a few links that have grabbed my attention or otherwise distracted me from what I actually should be working on:

  • If you’re interested in mid-century design, diplomacy and Brazil, you’ll love this video by Monocle.
  • I’ve been admiring all of the amazing work on the Haiti Poster Project site.
  • I attended a great event this week about Internet filtering by governments – democracies and authoritarian regimes alike. Check out the interactive map by Open Net Initiative with country profiles.  The panelists at the event agreed that there is no silver bullet technical solution to the problem of internet freedom. The answer isn’t just a fancy piece of code that can scale China’s Great Firewall. Rather, it must come from the social/user level in collective action – working with governments to develop smart public policies and working with private industry to articulate consumer demands.  Here is Secretary Clinton’s speech in January on the topic.
  • I’m thrilled to have found this great Nicaragua expat blog – not affiliated with the USG. 
  • Finally, I’ve conducted several phone screenings this week for my replacement to make sure they speak Spanish and actually want this job and not just a way to get their foot in the door of this organization to get the job they really want. So far so good. But wouldn’t it be fun if we could conduct the interviews like this:


 Enjoy your LONG weekend! We’re headed on a road trip. Philly & NYC or bust!

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