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The elegance of yesteryear

I’ve had luggage on the brain lately. We’ve been thinking about what to take to Nicaragua and how to pack. It’s coming down to a few nondescript suitcases, a lot of boxes and several plastic tubs. And many things only the movers can pack for insurance purposes. But wouldn’t it be great to have a whole set of glamorous, old-timey suitcases? Like the monogrammed jungle print Louis Vuitton set in The Darjeeling Limited.  The luggage set is a character of its own in the movie.


Or what about these classy leather trunks from The Painted Veil. I’m sure we’ll look just like this couple, waiting to be picked up upon arrival in-country.


Design*Sponge isn’t helping. They just did a luggage roundup and featured Steamline Luggage which has a set called the Ambassador and the Diplomat.

Radiating the elegance of yesteryear, with a modern-day twist, this collection is essential for anyone with a love of travel and a sense of style. – Steamline Luggage

And perhaps a bigger luggage acquisition budget that we currently have.

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  1. Oh my that luggage is gorgeous. Our luggage tends to be cheap from Target or Walmart, in the vilest colors possible so it is easy to spot your bright orange suitcase (yes orange) among the sea of black at the luggage claim and so that no one is too upset when it gets thrown around, scuffed, and scratched by the airlines. All the same I would love to have some classic looking luggage to call my own.

    May 20, 2010
  2. Bfiles #

    funny luggage is one of the first things I started thinking about when I passed the OA. yes, I have bag issues. I love brightly colored duffels from LLbean. I even did (multiple) searches on livelines to see what people recommend. They seem to be split between the camp that says you should buy cheap stuff because it’ll get beat up and the camp that says to buy the good stuff so it lasts. Have fun!

    May 20, 2010
  3. Bfiles #

    thanks SO Much for the spanish test tip. I didn’t know, last I read someone scheduled in less than 2 weeks. will make my aptmt!!

    May 21, 2010
  4. Amy #

    Both movies I love. The visuals in both are such a treat, though radically different from one another. Funny thing in Painted Veil all the locals are speaking Mandarin but one old guy suddenly says something in a local dialect from Fujan.

    June 6, 2010
  5. My sis has some wonderful luggage. . . And so I gave her the one nice piece I had — since it fit so well with everything else she had. *grin*

    June 17, 2010

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