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AFAR Magazine

This weekend we got a hold of the travel magazine, AFAR.  I’ve been wanting to check it out since I saw a preview in DWELL.  The magazine is pretty new – it’s first issue was published in August, 2009.  The first thing that struck me is the sheer amount of content that is packed into a relatively thin magazine. Every page is filled with stories, essays, lists, maps, and some stunning full-page photography.  Maybe the magazine will have more advertising as it continues to grow, but for now I love how non-obtrusive the advertising is.

There are several great features; one is called Spin the Globe, where AFAR picks a country at random and sends a correspondent there with little notice. This issue’s destination: Ethiopia. I imagine the anticipation is similar to A-100 Flag Day – other than the minor detail that the writer will be there for two weeks, not two years.

They also have a handy country list in the table of contents so you can quickly flip to find a country you are particularly interested in.  This issue made me want to take a food-centric vacation to Morocco, go to a contemporary art festival in Mexico, try Swiss wine and backpack through Laos. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

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    March 1, 2010

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