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Home Inventory Solution

Although we aren’t scheduled to leave for several months, we know we have to do a home tiny apartment inventory at some point. It will help us decide what to store, what to pack, what to buy, and what to get rid of. It’s also essential for insurance and shipping purposes. When we divided up our ‘to do’ list, the inventory fell to me, but I never got started, dreading a boring excel spreadsheet.

But today we made huge progress, thanks to a program L found online called Home Inventory by Binary Formations for Mac. The program only costs about $20, and is essentially an easy-to-use database. Items are categorized by location and by category (i.e. furniture, electronics, art). For each item, you can enter the value, make, model, and other basic information.  There is an easy upload feature to add a photo for each item. You can also upload receipts, copies of warranties, or other relevant files or notes linked to each item.  The search features are easy to use – for example you can search for all electronics or all items in the bedroom.  Additionally, the program includes several preset reports so you can quickly calculate costs, number of items, or prepare printable reports with a photo of each item.  There is a ‘tag’ feature which I think will come in especially handy when we decide what goes with us and what stays behind in storage.

Most of the apartment is done after a highly productive afternoon. Only the kitchen is left – which is clearly on my ‘to do’ list.  But now that I have such a nifty tool, I’m not dreading it like I used to.

click for more to see screen shots of the program…

This is the form to enter basic information for each item.

Once the basic information is entered, you can upload a photo, warrantee information, receipts, or other relevant notes or files.

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  1. David Wilcox #

    Congratulations on your great progress with the inventory process. Not the most fun, but it sure will be nice to have it done.

    January 13, 2010
  2. Rebecca #


    February 8, 2010

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