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The weatherman called it

Having lived here for over six years, I’ve become very skeptical of snow predictions.  They say 10 inches, we get 3. They say 2 inches, we get rain.  Not this time. The storm they were warning would be ‘epic and historic’ has arrived, and it’s nothing to sneeze at.  Reagan National Airport reported 16 inches last night, with many places reporting more.  The entire city has come to a halt.

To stretch our legs a bit we took a walk down to the Congressional Cemetery – romantic, I know.  It’s the lesser known of the DC cemeteries, with Arlington clearly stealing the show.  This one boasts 19 Senators and 71 Representatives buried there along with some other famous folks like J. Edgar Hoover. On the walk home we watched as people tried to dig out their cars parked in places that would get tickets tomorrow.  Fortunately our car is fine where it is, and it’s a good thing because we don’t own a shovel.

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  1. Your Dad #

    I bet people are dying to get in.

    December 23, 2009
  2. Ed Miron #

    Wow, Congressional Headstones-2, all lined up is a very powerful photo! I am interested in what camera, lens & settings were used

    December 25, 2009
  3. stmemory #

    Thanks! Believe it or not I used a simple Canon PowerShot A570. I got lucky becuase the light was perfect. I also cheated a bit and did some photo editing to add some blur in the background.

    December 27, 2009

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