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Hecho Magazine

I’m so excited to find Hecho Magazine, a magazine focusing on Nicaraguan music, art and culture.  The magazine itself is pretty new, with only 4 issues so far. But the website looks like a great resource for finding about about local events, especially local bands and artists. I’m sure we’ll be checking this out a lot once we get there. I have a feeling ‘local’ music is going to be a theme in Nicaragua – somehow, I don’t think Neko Case or The National are going to be hitting Managua on their next world tour.  The Hecho website has four blogs, some in Spanish and English.  One of them is a photography blog with some nice shots. Check out this photo by Sergio Cruz. It’s from a series called “Nicaragua el país de los niños.”

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  1. Rebecca #

    I’m so glad you found this! Perfect for you guys. I fully expect a standing rock concert when we come to visit!

    December 7, 2009
  2. we’re happy you found us too. while Neko Case probably won’t be passing through your best bet is Clara Grun. ( ) among other local artist.

    have a safe trip

    January 6, 2010
  3. stmemory #

    wow! She’s fantastic. The band is great too. Thanks so much for the tip.

    January 8, 2010
  4. This is fantastic! I’ve been looking for something like this magazine to get acquainted with everything before I go on my study abroad trip to managua! thanks!

    June 15, 2010

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