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DC List

Last week one of our friends asked us if we had made our DC List yet.  At first I thought he meant the list of things to pack and errands to run. But thankfully his list was much more fun: the list of things we want to do or experience in DC before we leave.  We’ve lived here for over 6 years, so we’ve done most of what we want to. But there are a few things on our DC List that we haven’t done yet:

  1. Visit the renovated American History Museum
  2. Visit the new Capitol Visitors Center
  3. Ice-Skate in the Sculpture Garden on the Mall
  4. Eat At: Birch & Barley, Brasserie Beck, Taqueria Nacional
  5. Drink At: PX, Cork
  6. Visit the Corcoran Museum, especially the Burtynsky exhibit

Maybe later I’ll put together a list of our favorite places that we need to be sure to hit one last time (or more) before we go.  Any recommendations, or offers to join us?

Print by ArtSharkDesigns available for purchase here.

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  1. Rebecca #

    Josh and I want to help out with numbers 4 & 5!

    But seriously, Taqueria Nacional has been on my list forever – I can’t believe it’s so close to us, and I’ve never been. Let’s skip work someday and go (b/c I don’t think they’re open on wkds – right?).

    November 23, 2009
  2. stmemory #

    I know! It’s not open on weekends and it closes before dinner. You’re right, the only way to fix this is to call in sick and stuff ourselves silly with tacos – although then we might have to take a real sick day.

    November 23, 2009

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