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Modern Rockers

Eames red rocking chair  Eames rockers by Hive Modern.

One thing Nicaragua is known for is beautifully crafted wooden rocking chairs.  The town of Masatepe is especially famous for producing them, and people often come from around the region to buy them or have them specially commissioned.  When I lived there several years ago, most homes I visited had an entire set of rockers, not just one off in the corner like some US homes do.  I’m looking forward to picking up a few when we’re down there  – and if we do, I’ll post pictures of actual Nicaraguan rockers.  In the meantime, I’m admiring several modernist ones on some of the design blogs – waaaay out of our price range, but I can dream!   

Danish Modern Rocker Danish Modern Rocker. Via the


Kroeker Rocking Chair Camila Rocker by Matthew Kroeker. Via


Dancing ChairDancing Chair by  Constance Guisset. Via  

Yates RockerSavannah Rocker by Jolyon Yates.  Via   

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  1. Oh I love these too! Sadly not in the Drexel catalog….

    December 23, 2009

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