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More Trees (this time with color)…

At least I know my in-laws are reading this blog (thanks guys!). They asked me this weekend why the lack of posts since Monday. The problem: the internet on my computer went down, and even though we have another computer in the house, my husband is kind of a computer hog (and he admits this).  The solution: after several days of messing with the computer, modem, and with Verizon, we’ve decided to get a new computer. And not just any new computer. This one! I can’t wait for it to come, and hopefully the quality of this blog will just skyrocket.  Turns out Managua has a Mac store in one of the malls in case something happens to it down there.

The fall leaves were amazing this weekend. Here are some shots from this evening’s walk. Both were taken less than a block from our apartment:

Red Leaves on Capitol Hill

yellow tree across the street

Full Disclosure: I edited both of these photos with the online editing software at I highly recommend it!

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  1. Rebecca #

    Oh man – Josh just got a mac and now I can’t even HOPE to get online at home…

    Also, I’m kind of amazed that Managua has a mac store. That’s pretty awesome.

    October 27, 2009

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