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Fall is here. Will it be there?

 holding pumpkin

From blissfulcolors.

Thursday morning we met with L’s Career Development Officer (CDO) to discuss our ranking of the positions on the bid list.  It was nice to get her feedback on our selections and pick her brain.  We’ve heard of some people who leave the meeting upset because their bid list didn’t make any sense based on the criteria they established.  We made some adjustments to our preferences after the meeting, and sent in our final bid!

Most of the positions we ranked high on our list are in Central America, the Caribbean, or South America, with a few exceptions.  I’m very pro-summer, but today’s cool and rainy weather made me a bit preemptively nostalgic for fall – even though it isn’t fully here.  It’s strange to think about, but if all goes as planned, we won’t be here for fall next year.  Click below for more photos to get you in the mood for autumn.


From Steph Parke Photography.


From ModernClassicsPaper.

black pumpkins

From Saint Reagan’s Hollow.

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