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Fact or Fiction

We have been thinking about joining the Foreign Service for a while now, so in general we have a good idea of what we are getting into. But the more I learn about the process, the more I realize how many details I didn’t even think about.  State’s Family Liaison Office has produced a Partner and Spouse Guide for those considering the Foreign Service. They’ve included a mini self-test to see how much you know, or more importantly, how realistic your expectations are.  Of course I didn’t see this until after my husband had accepted the offer, but thankfully nothing on here was too surprising. Take the quiz below and check out your answers on page 5 of the guide.


Fact or Fiction (answers here):

 1) The Embassy/Consulate will find you a job which matches your qualifications.

 2) Your housing will be paid for overseas.

 3) The U.S. Government gives you an allowance to choose your own house overseas.

 4) The house comes with a maid, paid for by the U.S. government.

 5) Your partner, fiancée, or parent can go with you to post and have the same benefits as a spouse and children. [This has since changed for fiancée’s and same-sex partners]

 6) American schools overseas will have the same curriculum as U.S. public schools.

 7) Since you are with the Embassy, your children are guaranteed a place at the U.S. government sponsored school.

 8) If you have a special needs child, you will be sent only to where there is an adequate educational program.

 9) You will be included in the same language and area studies programs as the employee so you are adequately prepared.

 10) If the situation is unstable at post, the U.S. government will always evacuate you right away.

 11) The U.S. Government pays to transport your pets to/from post, regardless of the number or type.

 12) You are entitled to Rest and Recuperation (R&R) and Home Leave trips.

 13) R&R and Home Leave include both travel and per diem.

 14) The Embassy or Consulate provides a concierge/tour director who will take care of your needs and wishes.

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