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eenie, meenie, miney, moe

The list of possible posts is out and we have one week to create an initial ranking of high, medium and low.  We’re not guaranteed a high pick, but they try to take your preferences into account when assigning posts. Since we don’t have kids or pets, we don’t have to worry about those factors. But how do we narrow down the list? Here are a few ideas. Got any other suggestions?

Biggest: Russia
Smallest: Vatican City

Most: Chad
Least: Iceland

Most happy: Iceland
Least happy: Bulgaria

Most roller coasters per capita
Most: Brunei
Least: Pakistan

Most overall medals won in the Olympics:
Most (not counting USA and USSR): Italy
Least (of those that have actually won): Togo

Average Height
Tallest: the Netherlands
Shortest: Japan

Hmm. All important factors. This is going to be hard. Actually, many of the countries above aren’t even on the list.  The list we were given includes the city, the language required, the position type (consular/econ/a mix), when the post is available, and a few other administrative and post differential pay factors.  We are hoping to end up in a place where I can work, but also want it to be a place that is in line with L’s career interests. Ideally someplace that requires Spanish – but French or Portuguese would be fine too. I don’t know that we’re up for learning Urdu or Mandarin just yet. Maybe later.  Too bad Iceland isn’t on the list – they seem to be scoring well based on the criteria above!

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  1. Laura #

    It’s kind of a no brainer. Pick Brunei!

    September 17, 2009
  2. Rebecca #

    I think the people in Iceland are making their happiness ranking up to lure unsuspecting FSOs like L and you over.

    September 19, 2009

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